New 'Overseas' Class for Annual Competition 2014


This year's Annual Competition will see the re-introduction of the 'Overseas' class, with a new 'Anniversary Trophy' for performances submitted digitally.

Full details of the usual classes will be available in the New Year; This post is about

The Anniversary Trophy- a New Open Class for Overseas Members

As part of the celebrations to mark the Society’s thirty years of promotion of Border music, the Committee has decided to re-instate the class in the annual competition open to overseas members. For this purpose, we have chosen to define ‘overseas’ as meaning those outwith the UK and Ireland. In the past, there was such a class but it proved technically difficult to run and it fell into abeyance. Technology has moved on and the recent tune competition demonstrated that it was fairly simple for members to submit sound recordings electronically.

The rules are essentially the same as for the open classes in the annual competition; in this case, however, restricted to overseas members. Entrants may play either Scottish smallpipes or Border pipes and may play any tunes of their choosing. This must be a solo performance. Recognising the aims of the Society, we would encourage the inclusion of, at least some, Border tunes. The judge(s) will take into account the appropriateness of the repertoire. Performers are asked to play a set lasting between 3 and 4 minutes. Should performances be outside the allotted time, 15 seconds ‘grace’ will be allowed; beyond that marks will be deducted. There will be only one exception allowed to this time constraint: should a performer play a Dixon variation set (just Dixon, not Dixon plus other tunes) and it exceeds the permitted time, there will be no penalty. Only one entry per member is permitted.

Entrants should send, electronically, sound recordings to George Greig by 9th March 2014 who will collate the entries for the judge(s). Late entries will not be accepted. Results will be announced at the competition. In entering, members accept the Society’s right to put winning performances onto the website. No fee will be charged for entry to this class.

Should any competitor wish to submit a video recording, this will be welcome but it must be in addition to a sound only recording and judging will be on the basis of the sound recordings only.