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LBPS Concert at Piping Live! Glasgow

National Piping Centre

Date: Wednesday 12th August 2015
Time: 7.30pm
Price: £15
Book Online: Click here!

Angus MacKenzie and Gabe McVarish

Finlay MacDonald and Chris Stout

Callum Armstrong and George Pasca

Gary West and Mike Vass


LBPS at the Festival Fringe- Edinburgh

Dansing and Pyping thru the Toun - an introduction to Scotland's forgotten bagpipes

The event was a great success - more or less full house

thanks to all who took part. Now for the Colloquium on Monday...

St Cecilia's Hall, Cowgate, Edinburgh


Lennoxlove Concert Videos

Cairdeas nam Piobairean. The Piper’s Club of Scotland.
Lennoxlovfe Great Hall, August, 2011

Videos of last sunday's concert are now available

I f you have trouble viewing the videos, visit the lbps youtube channel HERE


Carlos Nunez plays pastoral pipes

Carlos Nunez playing 'The Football March' from Geoghegan's 1740 tutor on a set of pastoral pipes made by Jon Swayne, at a concert with Phil Pickett at Celtic Connections