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Piping Live! 2011 9th Aug

LBPS late night at the Glasgow International Piping Festival

The festival runs from 8th -14th August, culminating in the World Pipe Band Championships.

The LBPS will host an evening of bellows piping on Tuesday Aug 9th at the Piping Centre. 10pm till late.

This is always an exciting and well-attended event and this year's programme includes:

David Wilton

Judy Barker
Colin Greeves
Thomas Zoeller and 'Grafenwind'
Hamish Moore
Will Woodson and Andrew Lamb
Fin Moore and Sarah Hoy

for festival details see http://www.pipinglive.co.uk/
Thomas Zoeller's band HOmebound Concert 2006: {Allan Macdonald plays trump, possibly the only time tha instrument has been played from music]]

Thomas Zoeller and Grafenwind


The duo “Grafenwind” from Germany consists of Brian Haase and Thomas Zöller. Their repertoire is mostly of medieval origin. The instruments they use are the so called “Sackpfeife” as well as various smallpipes. The Sackpfeife is a modern type of bagpipe not only heard on medieval markets but also in several rock bands. For some sets Grafenwind blends the sound of Smallpipes in different keys, thus creating interesting harmonies. The two musicians have recently released a music collection consisting of 50 melodies for the bagpipe from all over europe.

Brian Haase is a founding member of the band “Fabula Aetatis”, which has been performing all over europe for more than 15 years. He was also part of the band “Cultus Ferox” and has recorded several CDs.

Thomas Zöller studied Scottish music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He has been recording and performing with several bands, including “Estampie” as well as the rock band “ASP” and the world music ensemble “HOMEBOUND”.

Andy Lamb & Will Woodson

Andy Lamb & Will Woodson
 Festival Club – Friday

Will Woodson and Andy Lamb first started playing together in the winter of 2011, having met on the postgraduate course for Scottish Music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. What started out as a few casual tunes on border pipes and fiddle blossomed into a musical partnership, with the two discovering an innovative, deeply personal sound underpinned by a healthy respect for the tradition. With pipes, fiddle, tenor guitar, and whistle, Andy and Will offer a fresh take on old tunes as well as a decent helping of new material, spinning threads of sound that are ferocious one minute and surprisingly sweet the next.