Edit Your Profile

Editing Your Profile

At the top left of your profile page are two buttons - 'Edit' and 'Connections'; this page deals with the 'Edit' option. [for 'Connections' see the 'Exlpore Your Profile' pages. Note that any of these tab pages [except for the Contact Information and avatar tabs] can be hidden from other usres by changing the 'Visible on Profile' drop-down at the top of each tab page whilst editing..


Choose Update Your Profile; [We will deal with Your Image later - it is effectively the same as the following option.


Edit Avatar


To change the image that LBPS uses for your profile [called your 'avatar'] drop down the list; you can select an image from the gallery or upload your own [note that if you upload your own it may need to be accpeted by the site moderater befiore it appears].This option is dealt with in the 'Update your Avatar' page.




You can change any of the information here; note that you will always need to enter and verify your password to change any of the other fields; you can also enter and verify a new password. Note tha email and password fields never display on your profile.



This page displays the information you entered at registration; Note that the view here is for a full member; Free registration users will see blank fields here and can choose whether to fill them in. All users can chosse who can see these details, either individaully [for those fields with a drop down list] or for the entire tab page, in which case the tab itself will not display when other users visit your profile.

Note that LBPS will offer you different options for the 'State' field when you enter a country. The most often-used countries will display a drop-down list of states - other countries will display a text field for you to type in your state or region. [Maintaining these lists is a challenging task; please report any anomalies to the web team].


Edit Mailing Lists


Here you can change the settings which defaulted at registration; whether you will receive the newlstters in HTML [that is, in webpage format - strongly recommended] or as plain text. You can also unsubscribe from the newsletter lists shown. [At present there is only one item on the list]



The Edit Subscriptions page does not display any option other than the Visibility drop=down which allows you to decide who can view your subscription status.



Here you can change the way you view the posts on the Forum; change the order that posts display and the way in which posts on one thread are displayed - either Flat or as a Tree. You can also add here a 'Signature', a phrase that will appear at the bottom of any post you submit.