Explore Your Profile

Exploring Your Profile



Connections are the LBPS equivalent of Facebooks 'Friends'; this tab will display the details of any connections you have established or requested, along with links to their proifles.

To establish a connection, you must first search for you rintended connectee suing the 'Search User's' or 'Membership Directory' options [the latter is only available to Society Members]

Once you are viewing their profile, you can click on the 'Manage Connections' option at the top of the page: cnoose the 'Request Connection' option , enter a personalized message and click Submit. This will send an email with your message, a link to your profile and a link to your connectee's profile whwere they can decide whether to accept or delcine the connection

The invited user will receive an email with the connection proposal address, which will take them to a screen where they can choose whether to accept or decline the connection:

Once the connection is accepted you will see the details in your 'Connections' tab:

From here you can go straight to their profile or send them an email; to edit your connections, choose 'Manage Connections' from the top of your profile screen:

Here you delete the connection, or choose a connection type from the list [note that new types may from time to time be added by the web team]. One use for these types is thet you can use them to decide who can see what on your profile.

[notet that the 'Manage Actions' tab seen here will only be visible for registered administrators]