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Annual Collogue 2012 Videos

This year's Collogue gathering in Edinburgh proved to be a memorable one. The morning's talks by Will Lamb, Mike Katz and David Taylor were stimulating and entertaining; a full report will be included in the December issue of Common Stock. The afternoon's entertainment consisted of performances on pipes and fiddle by a remarkable line-up of players assembled by Hamish Moore. This page will contain videos as they become available [lots of editing yet to be done...]. Here for starters is a William Dixon tune given a 21st century make-over by Callum Armstrong and Pete Stewart. - more to come...
'My Love Comes Passing By Me' from the William Dixon MS 1733. Callum plays a Scottish smallpipe made by Julian Goodacre, and demonstrates that the notion that a Scottish smallpipe has only one octave is not true. [thanks to Julian Goodacre for the video]