Local Groups for Bellows Pipers

The growing numbers of pipers playing bellows pipes across the UK and beyond has resulted in a renewed interest in the idea of the formation of local groups to meet together for playing, sharing experience and general encouragement.



At a recent LBPS Committee meeting it was decided that steps should be taken to try to set up a UK-wide network of volunteers who could act as a focus for such local groups.

These volunteers would act as a point of contact for members and would be able to let the committee know about levels of interest in their particular area. Volunteers would not necessarily be expected to teach other players themselves (and may be beginners themselves) but might help with organising classes or other events and concerts designed to maintain enthusiasm amongst their groups.

The possibility of setting up a volunteers ‘orientation day’ to discuss what would be expected of them and to provide them with resources required for advertising and establishing local groups was considered. Such an event may take place as part of the collogue or could be held as a separate event depending on volunteers travel requirements.

We already have volunteers to act as a focus for potential groups in the Welsh Borders and in Northumberland. If you are willing to do so in other areas,  please contact the Secretary via her CONTACT FORM.