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This article contains two 'supplements ' - Callum Armstrong demonstrates the extended range of his Scottish smallpipe [two and a half octaves] - and more information and image of the common-stock, bellows-blown bagpipe from Limousin, France. It also includes two corrections.


Teribus- the Original Set

Bill Telfer tells me that the James Hogg who wrote the Hawick not THE 'Ettrick Shepherd', but a different James Hogg; mea culpa.

John Barbour's 50th

In the report on the Bridge of Allan Weekend, mention is made of the tune 'John Barbour's 50th'; unfortunately the title was learnt by ear, and we printed it as 'John Barber's 50th'; apologies to Susan Barbour who commissioned the tune especially for John.


The smallpipe extended

Listen to Callum play his winning entry in the New Composition class at this year's competition. Common Stock contains an description of his smallpipes and details of how the range was extended, as well as the full notation for this tune.

Cornemuse รก miroir du Limousin

Too late for entry in this isue, we received this image of the bagpipe now in the Hague Museum. The Museum gives a date of 1750 for this instrument, rather than the surprising 1603 date I was originally told. Nevertheless, it is an intriguing addition to the body of information that is accumulating regarding the early days of bellows and common-stock piping, especially since this is the earliest known non-UK example with a cylindrical bore. The chanter has a key for the bottom [7th] hole, covered by the 'fontanelle' characteristic of renaissance shawms. Julian Goodacre tells me that this instrument is far moe complex than it appears. The longer drone, he says, is conically bored, and what appears to be the shorter drone is in fact triple-bored in the stock and produces the bass note. Altogether a beautiful instrument.

Chabreta a mirroirs, Limousin

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