Search the Common Stock Archive

Thanks to a development grant from the LBPS, the Common Stock Archive is now text-searchable.

This resource comprises all 30 years of the Journal, as well as the three 'Supplements' issued in the first few years.

The task of converting the image-based pdf files to searchable-text format has been a challenging one. It may well be that some errors have been introduced, although I have been careful to ensure that likely search terms are copied correctly, even when the originals have type-setting mistakes.

However, some formatting may inevitably have been sacrificed. If you prefer to read the originals as published, pleasse use the index pages to access the original image pdf's.

To search the archive, use the 'Search' field at the bottom right and select 'Common Stock' from the advanced search options, or use the menu item, or directly acces Advanced Search by clicking HERE

Please note that the indexing software currently available can identify search text in the individual files but cannot display the context; you will need to open each source identified and use the PDF search facility to locate the result [for Adobe on Windows this is CTL-F].

This function is currently available to subscribers only. If you do not wish to subscribe but need to search the archive for a particular purpose, please contact the webmaster.

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