Concerts & Festivals

LBPS at Piping Live! Festival, Glasgow

Festival Club Tuesday 7th August, 10pm

Hamish Moore hosted a late night session of bellows piping at this year's LBPS night.


Highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the performance by Zephyrus; led by pipemaker Jon Swayne, Zephyrus are six pipers and a percussionist. A unique sound and one to which the audience responded enthuusiastically.  The long list of pipers for the evening included the Lorne MacDougl band and also featured theSwedish trio Dråm, including Erik Ask-Upmark, whose book of Nordic tunes was pblished by the LBPS earier this year - on sale at the LBPS shop.

Wednesday lunchtime saw what for me was the day's highlight in the mrquee in Geaorge Square - while Canadian Pipe bands did thier stuff in the square we relished the wildly creative music of Estonian group Ro Toro; Estonia may be the only piping tradition in which the revival has been led by female pipers... [more details and links to vidoes here]