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TOPIC: The Bonny Pit Lad

The Bonny Pit Lad 5 years 5 months ago #77

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I’ve been attempting The Bonny Pit Lad (Matt Seattle’s arrangement) on a D SSP. What is the best drone tuning? I’ve tried it both smallest drone ‘d’ and the third drone ‘D’ (these are D NSP drones) and ‘d’ and second drone ‘G’ and largest drone ‘G’, which I sometimes tune for some ‘D’ tunes (transposed to ‘G’ for my D SSP chanter, if this makes sense) . I would guess that most Border pipers would tune their drones a and A for this tune?
Looking at clues for the Northumbrian small pipes, In the Clough Family book the notes from Tom Clough indicate C major for this tune, but with no instructions on the drone tuning. So presumably he would have had his drones tuned to G and played the tune with a flattened seventh?? If this is the case then the Clough arrangement would be similar to most Border pipe arrangements??
Hope this makes sense.
Cheers, Stephen
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Re: The Bonny Pit Lad 5 years 5 months ago #79

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If you play this tune on a D chanter and can tune the lower dones to G it's likely to sound better than using all D's; but on a 'big' pipe your likely to be stuck with A drones, and that wont sound too bad; I've never been wonderfully happy with D tune with A drones, but this one works well enough. BTW, the 'concordance' that Matt prints is well worth a good look; it's a rather different tune type, essentially a 12 bar jig ...
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Re: The Bonny Pit Lad 4 years 5 months ago #311

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Hi Stephen,

the tune was played with C drones, by Tom Clough, in NSP terms that is a G and a C together with a g -- on most NSP you can't do this unless you have the right tuning beads on the bass D drone and set up the reed for C -- then it sounds really good. Tom Clough does mention C drones for this and another tune in the book -- the C tuning also opens up baroque music by Boismortier and Hotteterre on NSP

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