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One piper's exploration of the music of the Scottish Lowlands, its history and its performance. It's a diary of discovery, not a series of essays. You're invited to make your own contributions using the comments option on most pages.


Lowland Amusement - the Tune

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It seems appropriate to start with this tune. It was published in the LBPS 'pink book' collection; I have not as yet traced the source for that version, which is more or less what I've based this attempt on. However, it appears in William Gunn's 1848 collection in a version that closely resembles mine:
this version has the alternative title 'Captain Keeler'.
David Glen, however, has a tune in book 4 of his Collection titled 'Captain Keiller', which has 'Lowland Amusement' as the alternative title, and it is slightly different: http://www.ceolsean.net/content/DGlen/Book04/Book04%204.pdf
Glen's version, which I have only just discovered, looks more like a lowland version to me. I base this on the 2nd strain which instead of the repeated notes it has runs of four quavers; I'll try and get a performance of this version uploaded; in the meantime, my current performance is HERE{jcomments on}

An introduction

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Lowland Amusement is one piper's contribution to the furtherance of the music of the Scottish lowland and border regions.