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A Highland Pipers Guide to Music

A Pipers’ Guide to Music [to read this white on black click here]

One consequence of the changes that have taken place in Scottish piping in recent years is that pipers who formerly played only from music written for the Great Highland Bagpipe now find themselves being presented with music for other instruments, music which makes demands on the players which they have not met with before.


Courtney’s “Union Pipes"

The story of how the term ‘union pipes’ came into public use begins 225 years ago with a concert performance in London on 14 May 1788 by an Irish bellows piper named Denis Courtney..


Committee Sessions; the 'Blue' book

Usually available for free to pipers attending Society events, this small publication is now available for download to all. It contains 39 pages of tunes not generally available in other Society publications, but which make up a collection of the Committee's 'favourites'.



Tuning PIns

A mirror of Andrew Lenz's page on hemping drone tuning-pins.


Malcome Kaird's Come Again

One of the bagpipe settings included in George Skene's Music Book, 1717. The oldest known notated bagpipe music from Scotland